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  • New: template parts functionality.
  • New: context menu in the builder content area.
  • New: export/import layouts by copying/pasting their config; cross-site export/import.
  • New: modules "Template Part", "Shortcode" and "Gutenberg Block"
  • Improved: mechanics and positioning of the modal windows.
  • Improved: enqueuing of registered and external CSS/JS libraries.
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • New: switched to Monaco editor for all internal editor fields.
  • New: a built in support for multi language string translations
  • New: CSS Flexbox/Grid settings
  • New: built in site staging functionality - development/production modes
  • New: a bunch of interactive modules - sliders, maps etc.
  • New: a built-in caching functionality.
  • Improved: new color picker/gradient picker.
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.