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v.0.14.0 - 0.14.2

  • Added: integrations with Automatic CSS and Core Framework - autosuggestions of classes and css variables.
  • Added: modules Thumbnail Slider and Dynamic Thumbnail Slider.
  • Added: expression language functions sort, rsort, usort, limit_characters, limit_words.
  • Improved: proper displaying of dynamic data tags with nested data.
  • Fixed: bug related to propagating dynamic data into hook templates.
  • Fixed: full height stretching of Cookie Notice in Safari.
  • Fixed: bug related to escaping data.
  • Fixed: bug related to displaying templates with condition inside Collection.


  • Added: new visual settings for Swiper module
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • New: Pre-configured dynamic data
  • New: Visual UI for rendering conditions
  • Modified: Template Parts transformed to Components(Phase 1).
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • New: Recursive GraphQL queries
  • Added: New Composite Modules
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • New: Composite Modules
  • Fixed: Empty exported zip archives for releases, revisions
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • New: Nested Template Parts
  • Improved: Template Parts admin page
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • Modified: refactored Accordion module for accessibility.
  • Modified: removed types(Singular, Collection, Other) of Regular Templates.
  • New: introduced Hook Templates.
  • New: apply rule "Entire Site" added to Regular and Hook Templates.
  • New: added functionality of templates duplication.


  • Fixed: Bugs in ACF GraphQL fields.
  • Fixed: Bugs in MetaBox GraphQL fields.


  • New: Auto labels after tag name for Heading, GenericBlock, GenericInline, GenericTableBlock modules.
  • New: "ch" units added to css settings.
  • New: Styles Inspector in one click.
  • New: Server Side Rendering mode for all interactive modules.
  • New: Correct POT files to translate free and pro versions of Builderius.
  • New: "hot reload" preview functionality.
  • Modified: grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows to a textarea.
  • Modified: Formatted and tidy HTML output.


  • New: "is not" apply rule conditions operator.
  • Improved: expression language - added new functions: is_int, is_float, is_null, floatval, intval, pluck.
  • Modified: name for module Grid -> Table Grid.


  • New: context menu in the builder content area.
  • New: export/import layouts by copying/pasting their config; cross-site export/import.
  • New: modules "Template Part", "Shortcode" and "Gutenberg Block"
  • Improved: mechanics and positioning of the modal windows.
  • Improved: enqueuing of registered and external CSS/JS libraries.
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.


  • New: switched to Monaco editor for all internal editor fields.
  • New: a built in support for multi language string translations
  • New: CSS Flexbox/Grid settings
  • New: built in site staging functionality - development/production modes
  • New: a bunch of interactive modules - sliders, maps etc.
  • New: a built-in caching functionality.
  • Improved: new color picker/gradient picker.
  • Improved: bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.