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Generic modules


In Builderius modules are basic building blocks of the template. Each module renders precisely one HTML element - standard or web component (custom) one.

There are two generic modules:

  • Generic block
  • Generic inline

Each of them has a setting for choosing html tag that should be used. For instance, "Generic block" can be <article> or <picture> tag.

Generic block

It is a container, which means it can have other modules as children. It does not have the content setting.

Generic inline

It is a non container module. It has the content setting, which means we can set content for it, e.g. a text, a mix of SOME html tags like <em>, <strong>.


It is a mix of block and inline elements. It is a non container, but we can choose its tag and it accepts ANY HTML tags as its content. It is most suitable to display post content dynamic data etc.


It is much like "Raw HTML", except it validates and renders only SVG code. This module does not wrap an SVG code in any other HTML tag. The content of this module must be an SVG itself (all the SVG code starting from <svg> tag)!