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Continuous delivery (CD) system Overview

General information

During continuous software development developers from time to time deliver new versions of their code. As far as Builderius is made for professional people - of course it has its own realization of continuous delivery system.

Typically, when we develop website - we have more than one template and global settings. Templates and global settings can have different branches, different quantity of commits (one template can have 5 commits, another - 25 commits). But there is one commit in each template and global settings which is final(for now). We are satisfied with the code inside these commits and want to group them into specific version of whole website. Then we want either publish this version of website or export it and import it into another server(staging and production).


Then we continue working on website, there will be new commits for existing templates or even new templates and once we are ready with new version of website - we should be able to deliver it also.

We can group commits of different templates and global settings by tagging them with the same tag: Commit Tagging

Builderius CD system is working with these tags, and it is possible to create different types of Builderius deliverables:

  1. Release - only this type of deliverables available in FREE version