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List of hotkeys

Save template config

Ctrl + Alt + S

Duplicate active module

Ctrl + Alt + D

Copy styles of the active module

Ctrl + Alt + C

Paste styles to the active module

Ctrl + Alt + V

Open/close the builder panel

Ctrl + Alt + O

Switch between day/night mode

Ctrl + Alt + M

Expand/collapse all modules in the modules tree

Ctrl + Alt + U

Hide/show overlay over modules in the builder content

Ctrl + Alt + H

Show special context menu

Right click on any module

Quick inspection of the element

Hold Alt btn + hover over the element

Deselect chosen HTML element and remove its overlay


Show/hide Inspector window

Ctrl + Alt + I

Open settings (make active) of the module you are hovering on

Ctrl + Alt + A

Move the active module up within its parent

Ctrl + Alt + ↑

Move the active module down within its parent

Ctrl + Alt + ↓