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General information

Release is one of Builderius deliverables types. Only one release can be created based on specific tag and only one release can be published at the same time.

Create Release

Open Publish page

First, let's open "Publish" page (1) in the WP admin menu, then we can click on "Add new" (2) to start a new release creation wizard or import (3) an existing release (for instance, we want to migrate from localhost to production).

Table of releases

Select tag for release

Then we should select tag which is the base for our release.

Release tag selection

Check release entities

After tag selection we will see table with all existing templates and global settings in the system. Some of them will be tagged with our selected tag, some not. At this step we can check which templates and global settings we want to have in release. By opening gitgraph - we can tag specific commit of template or global settings if tag is missing, but we need to have this commit in release.

Release entites check


At this step we also can remove tag from commits which were tagged by mistake but should not be included in release.


Let's pretend situation - we have created our first release where we included few templates and global settings. Then we continue development, and we are ready to create new release, but we changed just one template and other templates were untouched. In this case for all untouched templates we need to tag same commits which were tagged by tag of previous release with tag of new release. Otherwise, these templates will not be added to new release.

Set release description

Once we have selected all entities which should be in release - let's proceed to the next step where release description can be set.

Release description

Release will be created by clicking Submit button.

Publish Release

After release creation it will not be published automatically(release data will not be visible to all site visitors). We should publish it manually

Release Publish

Release Import/Export

Each release can be exported. Export will be a zip archive containing json file with release config and local images used in release config. Release can be imported into another WP site where Builderius is installed.


After release creation it contains config of all tagged commits of templates and global settings which belong to this release. These configs don't have any relation to vcs commits anymore, so when we import our release into another server - it will be working there even if there is no same templates as on server from where this release was exported.